What To Expect

The Session Before The Session

I always want to get to know my clients so I have found it very helpful to have a 1 on 1 30-60 minute pre-shoot meeting. This can be done either by phone or at the studio. I know how busy everyone’s schedule can be so if by phone works best for you then that is fine. I want to use this time to get to know you and know what is important to you in your personal boudoir session and how you dream of being photographed. What thoughts do you have, what expectations, why is this something important to you at this time? These are all key elements in molding your session to you. We will view examples (this can still be done by phone online), discuss wardrobe choices, makeup style and posing style. Every woman is unique and we work together to bring out her inner goddess. Capturing the connection to her soul in every frame through her eyes and celebrating her beauty in every smile.

What To Do Prior?

The key to a fabulous session will rely on a few things. First, make sure that you have done all of the things necessary that will be important to you.

  • Make sure to pick up any items that you may have taken to the dry cleaners
  • When your hair is styled make sure that there is not too much hair spray in it. Messy hair equals Sexy Hair!
  • Shave your legs, arms and bikini area (if needed)
  • If you waxed or threaded your eyebrows tweeze to remove any new growth or strays
  • Hydrate. Drink lots of water the day prior for healthy, glowing skin on the day of your session
  • Apply moisturizing lotion all over your body, hands, feet and face
  • Lastly, get at least 8 hours of sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and rested

The Day Of

Wear a comfortable outfit to relax in during your makeover session. For example: yoga pants and a tank top. Preferably something stretchy, a top that unzips or buttons up so your hair and makeup does not get smashed or smeared. Tight clothing prior to the start is a no-no. You do not want any unnecessary marks on your body.

  • Wash and dry your face so it’s clean and bare. Only apply non-tinted moisturizer.
  • Bring your wardrobe with your accessories, undergarments and jewelry.
  • Arrive promptly so my stylist can get started with your makeover session

What To Wear

Sexy, sensual, fun, flirty, feminine or elegant choose your wardrobe that displays your unique personality and beauty.
For an intimate Boudoir portrait session bring a minimum of 3 combinations of any of the following:

  • Hosier
  • Thigh highs with garters
  • Lingerie slips
  • Nighties
  • Negligees
  • Silky Robes
  • Lacy Bra’s and Panties
  • Corsets
  • Ear rings, necklaces and bracelets are crucial to the look for your session so please bring what you have.
  • Bare feet with polished toes and or a couple pair of sexy heels.
  • Pearls if you have them always make a elegant statement in any length that you may have along with hats, decorative pins or flowers.

The Pampering

The session will start with a brief consultation with our Professional Make Up Artists to get an idea of your skin type as well as any specific concerns that she will need to pay attention to. Typically we don’t go too dramatic but we do want you to look different than you do on a normal day. This will include lashes, smokey eyes and usually a dark lip.
It is very important to bring out the very best in my clients in a relaxed atmosphere by listening to their favorite music while enjoying a glass of Cabo Wine (Fabulous local Winery in Downtown Concord) in your choice of Red, White, blush or a Mimosa while you are being styled by my make up professionals.

Then it’s, lights, camera, YOU!

What’s my next step?

Take a moment to fill out the form located at the “Book Now” button below. Sending in the form will just give us some information about you and what you in vision with your session. Once we have receive the form with your information we will be back in touch to schedule your 1 on 1 call as well as answer any additional questions that you may have.
Again, thank you for your choosing us for your personal Boudoir Session and we look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your vision for your session.

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