Three Shooting Techniques to Maximize Space in a Small Room

Not every opportunity to shoot lends itself to a large room or massive studio. In some scenarios, you may find yourself in a small room; this is where you have to get creative to maximize the space and create your shots.

If you find yourself shooting in a small space, perhaps an extra room in your house or your home studio, a hotel, or even an AirBnB rental, you may not have the flexibility of a lot of space to move around. Sometimes, the room appears larger in the photos; you don’t always have the ability to tour your shooting location beforehand, and you have to continue on with the shoot. In this video, boudoir photographer Michael Sasser shares three techniques he uses when shooting in small spaces. While the focus of his shoot is around boudoir, this doesn’t mean that it is limited to only that genre of photography. These techniques can be applied to a lifestyle shoot or any type of portrait session in a cramped area.

If you want to get straight to it, here are the three techniques Sasser shares in this video:

  • Shoot at different heights.
  • Add depth to the space by shooting through/around something.
  • Shoot details.

Watch the video on how each of these techniques is implemented to fully understand how these could benefit you in your next shoot within a small room. What are some other tips or techniques you have when shooting in a confined area? Leave your answers in the comments below!

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