I recently had the honor of creating beautiful wedding photos at The Farm at Ridgeway.

The Farm at Ridgeway Wedding Photos

Beautiful pavilion provides a covered area for wedding ceremonies. The lit fire adds beautiful ambiance.


The venue has a beautiful rustic feel which is very popular in today’s weddings. The burlap and weathered wood made great accents for the venue.

Custom Creative Photo, Blythewood, SC Wedding Photos

Flowers adorned the aisle while rustic wood and burlap added to the feel.

Rustic Wedding, Columbia, SC

Whiskey barrels and burlap add to the Fall decor.

Columbia, SC wedding photography

A beautiful wreath decorated the front door…complete with the new couple’s new last initial.

We started with creating beautiful images of the bride and groom getting ready to tie the knot.

Bride getting ready wedding phtoos

The bride was having a great time while getting ready!


Groom wedding photo

Dramatic window light portrait of the groom.

Once everyone was ready for the wedding, we did a “first look” session with the bride and groom. The bride’s maids could not resist taking a peek and made a great backdrop for several photos.


First Look Wedding Photos

With the ceremony taking place after dark, it became necessary to do a “first look.”


Ridgeway, SC wedding photos

We had beautiful weather for bridal portraits also.

Creative bridal portrait - wedding image

When you have great light, it makes all photo edits look better.

Environmental brial portrait

This beautiful bridal portrait made great use of the scenic Farm at Ridgeway!

The venue was beautiful and made a great backdrop for wedding photos. The fireplace was lit and nicely decorated. It provided a great background for wedding photos.


Wedding Ceremony at the Fireplace.

The glow of the fireplace made a great backdrop for the wedding ceremony.


Natural light wedding photo.

Beautiful natural light portrait of the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom at the fireplace.

Another natural light ceremony image.

The ceremony and reception were both done after dark…that gave a great opportunity for dramatic images!

wedding photos - first dane

Dramatic bridal portraits of the first dance after dark.


Once the ceremony was in the history books, the party started. It was a lively group that made for fantastic creative images and wedding photos.

Reception party wedding photos

Beautiful variety is created with multiple lighting options and lens choices.


I would like to extend special thanks to my assistant for this wedding, Robin Garner of Robin Garner Photography, – be sure to check out her work!

To have your wedding photos expertly and creatively captured, contact info@customcreativephoto.com!!



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