Welcome to Carolina Boudoir, where women can express how sexy, classy, and beautiful they really are. The Roaring 20’s truly started the art of boudoir photography. This style of photography has helped women gain confidence in their own skin for more than a century. Tim Hays, the owner of Carolina Boudoir has been in the photography industry since 2006 shooting weddings, celebrations, graduations, family photos, and more. Completing more than a thousand photoshoots, he decided to pivot his business and solely focus on boudoir photography.

Boudoir photography has an empowering affect on women because they don’t always get to see themselves in this light from day to day. It gives women the opportunity to be free outside of what they would normally label themselves as the mother, the wife, or the career women. Instead, they can see themselves as a rockstar. Throughout the entire shoot they’ll feel sexy and beautiful and be able to have these photos to last a lifetime.

Carolina Boudoir is popular for being the perfect wedding gift from bride to groom. It’s a way to remind your significant other of your sexy side and give a gift that is private and specially made for that one person. In contrast, we also have clients who want to shoot after a divorce or a major life change. Either way, this is an opportunity for clients to celebrate who they are.

During Carolina Boudoir photoshoots, each client gets to feel pampered by having their makeup professionally done. They are also greeted with a glass of champagne or wine to lighten the atmosphere and release any nerves. Tim, keeps the atmosphere of the shoot light and fun, and offers coaching with poses that are flattering to each individual.

Photoshoots last about 3 hours and each client will shoot in 5 to 7 different looks both outside and in the studio. The gorgeous studio is located in the center of Historic Downtown Concord, NC. Together, Tim helps each client create a storyline for their shoot, showing off beauty fully clothed to changing into lingerie. Each client may order a customized photo book featuring all of their favorite shots progressing through each look. Our turn around time is 4 to 6 weeks from the day of the shoot to delivering the final photo book.* For high quality photos, an intricate eye for beauty, and years of experience, Carolina Boudoir is the best choice for your photoshoot.