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Showing you the sexier side of the women of the Carolina's. Offering the empowerment of women through photography.

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Welcome to Carolina Boudoir,

Where women can express how sexy, classy, and beautiful they really are. The Roaring 20’s truly started the art of boudoir photography. This style of photography has helped women gain confidence in their own skin for more than a century. Tim Hays, the owner of Carolina Boudoir has been in the photography industry since 2006 shooting weddings, celebrations, graduations, family photos, and more. Completing more than a thousand photoshoots, he decided to pivot his business and solely focus on boudoir photography.

Boudoir photography has an empowering affect on women because they don’t always get to see themselves in this light from day to day. It gives women the opportunity to be free outside of what they would normally label themselves as the mother, the wife, or the career women. Instead, they can see themselves as a rockstar. Throughout the entire shoot they’ll feel sexy and beautiful and be able to have these photos to last a lifetime.


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The Session Before The Session

Getting to know you before your shoot helps us learn more about your vision, expectations and unique style.

We hold a meeting with each client beforehand to discuss ideas and we try to accommodate busy schedules by offering the meetings via phone.

Contact us today to schedule your 30-minute Pre-Shoot Meeting via phone or in person.